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Who We Are

Your Trading Partner

An Introduction

SDG is a privately owned Energy, Metals, Minerals and Additive trading company.

SDG operates with various trading teams and partners in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Our specialised personnel handles every aspect of origination, transport, storage, blending and financing. 

SDG has secured key relationships with national and major oil companies, with a strong focus on emerging markets and niche products.

SDG differentiates itself from the industry by implementing a profoundly ethical and responsible business culture. 

We have developed numerous longstanding relationships within the energy industry, which allow us to provide extensive trading and logistical services to our clients. 

Thanks to our strong values and our successful and reliable performance we are the partner of choice to large refiners, retailers, and petrochemical manufacturers.


Deliver unique commodity opportunities based on long term relationships with key partners. Our team guarantees excellent services and support for any client operation.


Create a secure and accessible marketplace for energy and metal commodities trading with complete global integration. 


SDG guarantees a high level of ethical behaviour, integrity, transparency and full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which the group operates. 

Policies & Guidelines

In its effort to continuously improve its business practices, SDG constantly updates its existing policies while developing new corporate guidelines to meet the highest level of standards in the countries in which we operate. SDG endorses and lives a culture of sustainable, fair, and ethical business practices shared by all levels of the organisation.