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NORDE® Synthetic Gear Lubricants perform like no other. As our case studies and research have shown, our lubricants modify the metallic surface of the teeth in transmissions and rear-ends to create a modified surface that lowers the coefficient of friction much more than competitive products. 

By reducing the friction and increasing the lubricity of gear oils, you can reduce both energy consumption and wear damage with your gear reducers. 

NORDE® can be implemented in an array of diverse applications like: enclosed or open gear reducers; splash or circulating systems; spur, helical, bevel and worm gears, as well as roller and plain bearings. It’s a very versatile industrial oil. 

Also, NORDE® offers greater protection against rust, corrosion and high shock loading applications. So, with all these benefits and applications, ask yourself… how can NORDE® synthetic gear oil work for you?