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Norde® FSR Is Scientifically Formulated With “Scavenger Particles” That Clean And Reduce Emissions, Especially In Older Diesel, Gasoline Or Jet Fuel Powered Systems. This revolutionary applied micro-technology is EPA registered and improves fuel efficiency. 

NORDE® FSR is especially attractive for use in geographic areas where the surrounding environment is particularly fragile and cleaner emissions is of significant importance. 

NORDE®FSR will easily compliment any fuel system to achieve like-new levels of efficiency, cleanliness and reliability. It’s ideal for energy management. 

For gasoline engines and diesel fuel engines, NORDE® FSR has been rigorously tested at opposing temperatures from -50ºC to extreme hot temperatures and has shown to remain unchanged and continuously effective. 

NORDE® FSR is shown to make drastic improvements where normal maintenance or replacement would be required. Under previous tests NORDE® FSR has been shown to revive an engine that has failed to meet specifications for safe operations.