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Global Presence in Commodity Trading


SDG has access to their own unique platform for national fuel distribution, providing effective and secure access for the purchase of commodities.


SDG enforces rigorous policies and procedures in order to protect its reputation and brand value. 


SDG has recruited talented and passionate individuals that share our core values in order to create a cohesive network and infrastructure for long-term value.

2019 Corporate Brochure


 SDG Announces NORDE® Go Stations!

21th of May 2019 – Site Development Group their NORDE Go stations are 1 stop and simple setup anywhere. Convenience stores, rural areas, small fleets and many more. Plug and Play setup will recognize profits for your company and we handle the rest! Sizes available from 1200 Gallons to 15,000 Gallons.

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What We Do


SDG has a strong trading history in energy commodities and strategic partnerships with refineries and buyers. SDG is constantly growing and improving its services and operations for crude and refined products. We provide National Fuel delivery direct into your equipment or tanks. We import and export our energy products domestically and internationally.

NORDE® Technology

SDG has the exclusive distribution right for all NORDE® products. NORDE® Technology is highly versatile chemistry for the modern age where demands and applications become tighter and tougher every year. Focused into two vital, but different, functions and when combined will create dramatic results.

Metals and Minerals

SDG has decades of experience when it comes to trading Metals & Minerals. SDG operates several mines working closely with local business owners. We export Metals & Minerals to Asia and North America, take care of the logistics and guarantee our quantity and quality for years.

Equipment Rentals

SDG is a one stop Fuel/Lube & Equipment Rental Supply company with a national footprint to assist in the daily handling of your equipment and fueling requirements. We provide tailer made services on multiple sites for both fuel and equipment supply throughout the country.

SDG has the exclusive distribution right for all NORDE® products. Our Technology is highly versatile chemistry for the modern age where demands and applications become tighter and tougher every year.

NORDE® Technology is highly versatile chemistry for the modern age where demands and applications become tighter and tougher every year.


Norde® FSR applies ” Scavanger Particles” that clean and reduce emissions in engines powered by Diesel, Gasoline or Jet Fuel.


NORDE® Synthetic Gear reduces friction and increases the lubricity of gear oils, decreasing both energy consumption and wear damage.

GO Fuel Delivery

Direct to consumer ready to Go NORDE FSR Diesel Fuel currently in California and Chicago Metro area, expanding locations monthly!

Our Team

Carlo Passacantando

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Hunter

Chief Operating Officer

William Marr


Boy Schook

Vice President

HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Khaled

Board Member

John Randolph

Director of Operations

Robert Somerman

Director of NORDE®

Amie Valverde

Manager of Major Accounts

Bret Kelly

Manager NORDE® Marine and Fleet 

Bruce Richardson

Director of DOD Procurement

Dan Goich

Business Development Midwest 

Mark Carlson

Manager of Operations 

Briana Lopez

Accounting Manager

Tara Champy

Strategic Alliance Manager

Blake Elford

NORDE® Brand Specialist

Armani Cito

Director of Trading Middle East

Frank Flores

Director of Trading Latin America

Sam Mangali

Director of Trading Africa

Filippo Brivio Sforza

VP of Business Development EU

Gianmaria Buccellati

Director of Operations EU

Christiaan Heerema

Trader NORDE® EU

Jack Xu

Trader Asia

Our Partners

Our Offices

SDG Corporate 

109 East 17th Street, Suite 440 

Cheyenne, WY 82001 United States 


3991 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 200A

Newport Beach, CA 92660 United States  

SDG Texas

506 Sandau Road, Suite 100

San Antonio, TX 78257 United States

SDG New York

817 Broadway, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10003 United States  

SDG – Europe

Zuidplein 36, World Trade Centre 

Amsterdam, 1077XV The Netherlands